About Me
Virtually from birth Paul Czarnecki was a avid hunter and fisherman. As soon as he could walk he was accompanying his father and grandfather on hunts in the woods and fields of Pennsylvania and fishing for salmon and walleyes on Lake Erie. After living in Pakistan, South Africa and New Zealand for six years, where his father worked for General Electric, Paul was eager to return to Pennsylvania to the fishing and hunting he had been missing.

    His taxidermy training began early in life, preserving grouse and turkey tails and pike heads for his father. While still in high school Paul decided he needed a job to support his hunting and fishing addiction so, naturally, found a job with a local taxidermist during the summer. Upon graduation from high school Paul entered Gannon University's Pre Med Program but not before passing Pennsylvania's taxidermy exam and the U.S. Coast Guard Captain's Exam.  He graduated from Gannon University in 1986 - not as a physician, but as a charter captain and a taxidermist with a degree in Biology and Organic Chemistry.

    Paul Czarnecki puts his extensive education to good use as a full time taxidermist. His knowledge of the specimen and its anatomy, coupled with his artistic finesse allows Paul to produce the finest masterpieces in the country. To date Paul as won 2 National Championships, 18 state Championships, 6 Best of Show, dozens of Best of Category awards and also a Second Best in the World award for waterfowl. 

    As a professional fishing guide, Paul owns and operates the Free Spirit, a (33') 10 Meter Trojan on Lake Ontario. Fishing out of Oak Orchard, NY., Paul has guided clients to some of the most exciting salmon fishing in the world since 1988. Paul's fishing expertise also has his team consistently finishing in the top 10 in Lake Ontario's Pro-AM Tournaments.

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Choosing a Taxidermist

Choosing a taxidermist can be a frustrating experience.  Many people think all taxidermy work is the same and so they "price shop", often with disastrous results.  While price is an important factor, quality of work is much more important.  Your mount will last a lifetime and you want to display it proudly so remember the famous saying:

"The bitterness of poor quality will remain long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."